The Spa Association

Since 2001 The Spa Association (SPAA) has led the Global Wellness industry in educational resources, professional standards, growth opportunities and business acumen. Safe and effective options for the consumer; fair pay, professional training and safe working conditions for the practitioner.

New Ways to Grow and Find Profit

13 Aug

Going Beyond Data Don’t get stuck in the matrix of excel spreadsheets.  While it is tempting to decide where to expand next by looking at a map of where your facilities are placed now, don’t expect formulas to generate accurate results.  Rather implementing some basic visuals will spark the creative fire that leads to “aha” […]

Face to Face Time–Customer Service

21 May

Customers who visit your business should receive the same quality service they encounter over the phone. Creating some guidelines for quality service will unify employee behavior—to a pleasant degree—while allowing for creativity and customization. Service specialists should: Greet and welcome every customer. Initiate and close every contact—moment of truth—with direct eye contact and a bright […]

Cyber Crime

05 May

The New Cyber-Threat Terrain is all encompassing: Cyber-criminals are targeting the 38% of those consumers who have experienced cyber hacking in the last year.  Believe it or not, victims are often exploited over and over again. 41% of online adults have been victims of cyber-crime and/or negative online situations in the last year. 27% have […]

Leadership at the Spa

03 Feb

Leadership styles primarily take two different forms. The first type need to be the smartest in the room. They horde intelligence and withhold information.  Delegation for this group is given when there is a difficult task ahead and the point woman needs reasonable assistance to reach valiance. Even when these tasks are flanked with talented […]

Measuring Social Media

13 Sep

Reporting and measurement takes time and thought. Social media can’t be measured in numbers alone. Much of the valuable information gleaned from social media efforts is qualitative – feedback, sentiment, intent, and insights. It takes time to surface actionable, qualitative data – time your client often lacks. Providing the key to meaningful measurement and mined research insights may […]

Creating Wellness in your Company

18 Aug

1. Clean out the vending machines. Strip out the cookies and candy bars, and replace them with healthier snacks such as granola bars and reduced-fat or low-calorie treats. 2. Invest in pedometers. For just a few dollars each, you can buy pedometers for your employees. Pass them out and encourage staffers to keep track of the number […]

Sweat Lodges

14 Aug

Perhaps the most surprising culture to take part in bathing rituals is the Native Americans. From the days of the early settlers many foreign visitors wrote of the Native American bathing rituals. Used as means of healing, spirituality and as a luxury the portable Native American Sweat Lodge is the first documentation of a sauna […]


09 Aug

BETRAPRENEURSHIP: Disruptive Innovation + Female Power The EU now promotes entrepreneurship as a career to encourage start-up communities that will contribute to Europe’s job creation, innovation and competitiveness. Betapreneurs are truly 21st-century professionals who operate through a process of trial and error to make disruptive innovation happen. Resilient, self-reliant, and extremely potent, they are crafting […]