Archive | September, 2013

Kinetic Flow Movement

27 Sep

Mii amo spa in Sedona, Arizona has introduced a new approach to massage. The 60 minute session designed by Mii amo is delivered on the WaveMotion massage table and allows guests to remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. Inspired by a combination of joint release techniques, physical therapy, and various massage practices, guests receive a unique experience […]

Medical Spa Programming

25 Sep

Medical spas are springing up everywhere and not surprisingly the market is shifting, maturing and adapting as the pace quickens to become more competitive.  The mantra for most is, “differentiate or die” as the playing field becomes more and more cluttered with facilities of all shapes and sizes.  Read full story

Quick Steps to Bolster Retail Sales

24 Sep

Some components of selling are like the foundations of a building: they are paramount to the overall soundness of the structure.  In fact, many of the standard steps to selling a product are so crucial that many would agree the sale is lost without each of these steps. Read full article.

Classic Spa Treatments

18 Sep

No matter your spa’s location, focus or overall demographic, there are 5 core classic treatments that can be tweaked to please any spa-goer’s palette. Contouring, facials, massage, lifestyle programming and complete makeovers are a welcomed base of treatment to any general menu. Each of these treatments can be enhanced to deliver the maximum in results with an […]

Stackable Procedures/Bundled Wellness

05 Sep

Bundling wellness programs with non-invasive medical spa procedures can be a great way to maintain a youthful look with little downtime.  In fact, there is a potpourri of spa and light-medical procedures that can fill a sallow cheekbone area and undereye hallow.  Lasers continue to bring cutting edge therapies to lift, contour and even out […]