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Spa Sensationalism vs. Therapy

31 Oct

Now that spas are embracing the facts and science of wellness, massage, sound esthetics practices and effective skin care there is the question of where sensationalism fits into the spa.  Or is it sensationalism?  The last decade certainly engaged the marketing department in full deployment as treatments and trends were as transient as lip color […]

Venture Capital Made Easy

26 Oct

Venture capital was once a business of who-you-know.  Angel List changed all of that by introducing everyone to the mix.  A sort of for business start-up and expansion, Angel List connects even the most established entrepreneurs with investors.  A recent partnership with SecondMarket lets any accredited investor put as little as $1,000US into a […]

Wellness at the Hotel

24 Oct

While U.S. hotel guests are curbing their appetite for hotel restaurants and room service, they appear to be expressing a desire for pampering and wellness. For the second consecutive year, hotel spa revenues and profits have increased at a pace greater than other non-rooms department sources of hotel revenue. According to the recently released 2013 […]

Adding Value to Your Spa

21 Oct

The economy continues to creep while hotel spas are doing well but challenged by the newly savvy, penny-pinching consumer.  While things seem on the upswing the spa-goer is forever changed by the recent prolonged unemployment, rising fuel costs and economic instability. The truth is, the spa-goer profile was changing anyway. As spas increased in number […]

5 Pillars of Spa Retailing

16 Oct

Retail for many spas is a wait and wish sort of game. You stock your shelves. Feverously perform treatments and then watch the client walk out the door home to her drug store bought brand. This is sinful. Not only is the revenue per client escaping but the clients themselves are being cheated of the expertise of […]

Starwood Experience Lab

14 Oct

Starwood Experience, a two-floor “open idea lab” is a creation of hospitality executives on the hunt for guest data and innovation for Starwood brands. The showcase invites visitors to check out what’s coming next in a few “next generation model guest rooms,” according to a recent press release. The idea is to test out new […]

Re-thinking the Hotel Spa

12 Oct

Hotels are still trying to turn-key their spas. This trend will continue as more and more brands buy into proven spa brands like Bliss and The Golden Door expecting that they have finally thrown money in the right direction easing the spa nuisance. Is this strategy working? Many would say no.  Full story

Wellness, Spas and DNA

07 Oct

Many financial analysts are optimistic that investments in medical related spa services will be the source of tremendous growth in 2014 and beyond. As wellness and recovery becomes an integral part of technologies for Telomeres Analysis (malleable part of DNA) will explode as spas become places where you can have your DNA tested to isolate […]