Archive | November, 2013

Global Billionaires Grow In Number

28 Nov

The inaugural census 2013 reveals that the global billionaire population reached a record 2,170 individuals in 2013 and total billionaire wealth in Asia surged nearly 13 percent, making it the fastest-growing region.  With hospitality and expendable wealth also growing at exponential rates in this region, spa growth is predicted to boom in the luxury sector. […]

Raising the Standards of Customer Care

22 Nov

Putting forth the time and effort to create a culture of service will greatly increase the whole perspective of your business.  It can increase profit and promote more positive emotions for employees and customers.  However, it must start at the top, if the owners and managers are not dedicated to providing a service culture, it […]

Are Banyas the next Big Thing?

19 Nov

Banyas are a part of Russian culture as well as a beautiful way to integrate wellness into living.  Add food and family, friends or business collegues to the banya and you have arrived. Dive into our story and find out why banyas are becoming so popular.  Read full story

Latin American Injectable Market Sees Exponential Growth

07 Nov

The Brazilian facial injectable market remains the largest market in this region, accounting for over 50 percent of all facial injectable procedures performed in Latin America. A stronger emphasis on physical beauty combined with widespread acceptance of cosmetic surgery has led to high demand in Brazil. Combined with strong economic growth, expansion of the Brazilian […]

Spas go Local

06 Nov

As “authentic” travel becomes more and more the norm so too does the urge to reach out to those experiences and destinations off the beaten track.  As a result fresh, locally grown batches of skin and body care are being assembled at day spas and resorts with treatment protocols to match. Smaller wellness centers are […]

Getting SPAcific

04 Nov

How many times have we been bombarded with the same mantra of the typical spa goer?  For years the demographic has been: female, 100 thousand Euros per year or more in household income, 48-55, college or university educated. Of course we have now added men to the mix.  In this ultra-competitive market spa owners and […]

How to Successfully Book Spa Travel

01 Nov

Spa travel is at an all-time popularity mark with travelers and for good reason.  Spa travel can be an extension of one’s personal journey of expression and personal growth.  Spa travel can allow travelers to take off that extra weight, embrace lifestyle changes and re-group from demanding professional schedules. Spa excursions can culturally add to […]