09 Aug

BETRAPRENEURSHIP: Disruptive Innovation + Female Power

The EU now promotes entrepreneurship as a career to encourage start-up communities that will contribute to Europe’s job creation, innovation and competitiveness. Betapreneurs are truly 21st-century professionals who operate through a process of trial and error to make disruptive innovation happen. Resilient, self-reliant, and extremely potent, they are crafting the future – working solo, in small teams, or within large companies. Currently, only 30% of European entrepreneurs are women, but by 2020 in advanced economies, 2 in 3 graduates will be female, so their contribution will change the landscape of entrepreneurship.

Compare this to the norm in many countries of corporate loyalty. Specified retirement linked with a guaranteed salary. Innovation as a result of continuous trial and error on a small but powerful scale. Remember how many world-changing, life saving inventions have been by sheer grit, determination, intellectual application and never ending improvement.

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