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27 Feb


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BRAIDS are trending. In fact, some variation of braids are showing up all over the place.  No matter the length or the preference of shape, you can’t go wrong with braids.  Cute, loose and asymmetrical braids are all the rave for spring to summer.  Loose knots in any configuration are also ready to hit the beach or create a romantic look for a warm evening. Cornrows, fishtails, bold thicker braids or wide loops liberated by billowing strands.  Seemingly endless options with structure for balance or a rebellious imbalance of various formations.

Braids 2

For many designers a deconstructed updo integrating braids and weaves is the option of choice.  Perfectly tangled hair that isn’t an unmanageable mess.  This type of option leaves the hair partly up, somewhat woven with strands or tendrils free to dangle from the plaits (or strips of more structured hair formations).

Braids 3


Of course, French braiding is always in style.  This season just offers more options than the standard back or reverse braided look. French braiding around the face offers a gorgeous start to what my end up be a tousled chignon in the back.

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