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Selling Retail at the Spa

16 Feb

Everybody in your salon or spa should be accountable for selling retail.  Well, we will let the cleaning service off the hook.  According to The Spa Association (SPAA) industry standards report the average spa/salon has a $45 service ticket and a $9.25 retail ticket.  This is a dreary picture of retail sales could certainly stand […]

Top Beauty Trends in the Americas

18 Mar

From Argentina to Venezuela, here are the top trends in each of the 15 countries featured in a recent Euromonitor report. These trends include: the growing popularity of BB creams, the growth of nail products, the importance of skin care products, despite the variety of preferences, the key role of direct selling in many countries. Read […]

Spring & Summer Beauty Trends 2014

15 Mar

At the Spring Summer 2014 fashion shows, where, as well as the forthcoming fashion trends, the next season’s beauty trends are premiered, beauty buzzwords included radiance and femininity rather than high glamour or drama of previous seasons. However, the ladylike look isn’t at the cost of color and fans of strong shades should check out […]

SPAA Publishes 2014 Spa Industry Trends Report

12 Jan

The Spa Association (SPAA) has published its 2014 Spa Industry Trends Report.  The report captures the global spa and wellness trends offering insight to hospitality, wellness, spa beauty and travel firms that focus on the spa-goer demographic. Melinda Minton, Executive Director of SPAA comments, “The spa dynamic is spilling over into complementary areas like fitness […]

Spas go Local

06 Nov

As “authentic” travel becomes more and more the norm so too does the urge to reach out to those experiences and destinations off the beaten track.  As a result fresh, locally grown batches of skin and body care are being assembled at day spas and resorts with treatment protocols to match. Smaller wellness centers are […]

Getting SPAcific

04 Nov

How many times have we been bombarded with the same mantra of the typical spa goer?  For years the demographic has been: female, 100 thousand Euros per year or more in household income, 48-55, college or university educated. Of course we have now added men to the mix.  In this ultra-competitive market spa owners and […]

Quick Steps to Bolster Retail Sales

24 Sep

Some components of selling are like the foundations of a building: they are paramount to the overall soundness of the structure.  In fact, many of the standard steps to selling a product are so crucial that many would agree the sale is lost without each of these steps. Read full article.