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Wellness Data

29 Apr

Wellness programs are no longer a “soft” issue around the globe, as employers increasingly recognize the value of employees’ health and overall well-being to their organizations’ bottom line. According to a report from Buck Consultants, employers cite their commitment to promoting health and wellness as a business strategy and show a continued desire to expand […]

Wellness Market in India

27 Feb

The wellness market in India continued on its growth path to reach 558 billion INR in 2013, a growth of 20% over the previous year. Products continue to comprise a majority of 55 to 60% of the market. The Indian wellness consumer can be classified into four broad categories— ‘passives’, ‘beginners’, ‘actives’ and ‘believers’-depending on factors such […]

Global Billionaires Grow In Number

28 Nov

The inaugural census 2013 reveals that the global billionaire population reached a record 2,170 individuals in 2013 and total billionaire wealth in Asia surged nearly 13 percent, making it the fastest-growing region.  With hospitality and expendable wealth also growing at exponential rates in this region, spa growth is predicted to boom in the luxury sector. […]

Wellness at the Hotel

24 Oct

While U.S. hotel guests are curbing their appetite for hotel restaurants and room service, they appear to be expressing a desire for pampering and wellness. For the second consecutive year, hotel spa revenues and profits have increased at a pace greater than other non-rooms department sources of hotel revenue. According to the recently released 2013 […]

Quick Steps to Bolster Retail Sales

24 Sep

Some components of selling are like the foundations of a building: they are paramount to the overall soundness of the structure.  In fact, many of the standard steps to selling a product are so crucial that many would agree the sale is lost without each of these steps. Read full article.

Classic Spa Treatments

18 Sep

No matter your spa’s location, focus or overall demographic, there are 5 core classic treatments that can be tweaked to please any spa-goer’s palette. Contouring, facials, massage, lifestyle programming and complete makeovers are a welcomed base of treatment to any general menu. Each of these treatments can be enhanced to deliver the maximum in results with an […]

Stackable Procedures/Bundled Wellness

05 Sep

Bundling wellness programs with non-invasive medical spa procedures can be a great way to maintain a youthful look with little downtime.  In fact, there is a potpourri of spa and light-medical procedures that can fill a sallow cheekbone area and undereye hallow.  Lasers continue to bring cutting edge therapies to lift, contour and even out […]

30-Minute Treatments

19 Aug

With the spa industry reaching the $14B mark it isn’t surprising that spas are gaining momentum even with the challenging global economy. I have always favored the “express” treatments as necessities.  Not only do they get the spa-goer into the spa more often but also they allow the spa to become a mainstay in most […]