Spas and Economic Woes

Cutting Costs without Affecting your

economy. While things seem on the upswing the spa-goer is forever changed by
the recent prolonged unemployment, rising fuel costs and economic instability.
The truth is, the spa-goer profile was changing anyway. As spas increased in
number so did those frequenting spas, however, their wants and needs were
changing. No longer will the $200 per hour spa service make it in most cities
without the recipient feeling that they have really received something with a
measurable impact on their health and well being.


The amount of
extra revenue that goes into sundry items, linens and backbar is
extraordinary.  Allocating a cost per
treatment to the spa is vital in determining a spa’s bottom line.  Measuring the amount of treatment product per
service is a great starting point towards cutting down treatment cost.  Disallowing for large containers of product
per treatment room is both sanitary and wise in terms of wastage.  Finally, revising treatment step-by-step
practices to reduce costs of linens will save dollars per treatment. Creating
treatments that are free of waste, clean up time and extra product create for
an efficient and easy treatment with more emphasis given to hands-on service
time and less given to extra towels, wraps, swabs and product.

Give Away Value

Rather than offering discounts try offering value when
creating your next promotional piece.
Value added can be inexpensive to the spa, coveted by the spa-goer and
amount to more revenue per service without much effort. Try giving away a
sampler kit of skin care with each facial. With a follow-up call most spa-goers
are likely to return for full-sized product as well as appoint subsequent
services.  Adding a paraffin dip to a
facial, a lash tint, eyebrow shaping or make-up touch up to a service are all
natural add on’s to most services and are greatly appreciated by the typical
client. Adding a service or product to a spa treatment or series service
ensures that a client will walk away feeling like they got their money’s worth
and then some.

Filling in Off-Peak Hours

Offering last minute deals that hold their monetary value
increase immediate sales while filling your books and increasing technician
profitability. So, why not have a buy-one get one free facial during the dead
2-4 pm afternoon gap where your therapists usually sit idly.  Try offering speed waxing with any service on
Sundays when your spa is typically running on empty. Think about adding a
makeover to any Monday facial service when many spas aren’t open. Finally,
consider adding a lunch snack or appetizer with treatment during the sometimes  dull lunchtime or dinnertime slots at the
spa.  Keeping revenues robust during
otherwise dead spa hours keeps your technicians happy, retail humming and your
spa in the black.

The languishing economy doesn’t need to hinder your spa’s
financials or ultimate growth. Creating an environment of value only means that
clients feel that they got their money’s worth and then some. Customer service,
extra-long facial massages, sampler kits and other VIP perks can go a long way
in today’s economy towards attracting new customers, keeping old customers and
increasing the scope of services the typical customer will request at your spa.
Think like a spa-goer and add a little to your value added program.

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