Spa Fitness Choices and the Wellness Guest

21 May

Healthy Life SPAANew data indicates how to attract and retain the spa goer, fitness and wellness guest. Those who frequent big box gym experience are most likely to spend more money than at big box stores.  Interestingly, those who self-train or practice cross fit are more likely to prefer comfort foods. In a recent study, there we interesting correlations between how people worked out and, in turn, how they spent money.

CrossFit members spend the most on fitness averaging about $120 per month.  However, this group didn’t spend on eating out or travel.  Boutique cyclists spent slightly less on fitness at $99 a month, but spent more than other groups on gifts, jewelry and shoes.   Those who do yoga, Pilates, and barre classes spend about $75 per month on fitness and buy more groceries, pet supplies and antiques than the other groups.   Members of traditional health clubs spend only $45 on average.

Of all of the groups Boutique Fitness is the category most on the rise.  With a higher price tag, members enjoy one on one fitness to work on previous injuries and fine tune their specific health goals like losing weight, gaining upper body strength or working on core stability. Boutique health care participants value their privacy and use personal trainers more than any other category.

Those attending traditional health clubs make up 88% of the other categories of health facility members.  They also spend 14.5% of their food budget on fast food.  Companies like Planet Fitness with a membership fee of only $10 a month attract rookie fitness participants.  Full service facilities with spas and a juice bar or luncheon area generate the most ancillary spending and retain clients for 10 or more years. Some of these facilities even include a spa treatment per month, like a massage or facial, as a perk of membership.     Needless to say, adding spa ammenities and wellness additions to any fitness facility goes a long way to guest satisfaction.


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