Generating More Revenue in the Treatment Room

20 Oct

facialFor all of the opulence of many spas’ overall decor, the real profit per square foot is earned in the less expensively decorated, less glamorous treatment rooms. In the treatment room, all of the key components of the eventual sale are created, embellished and extended into the spa-goer’s psyche. The efficacy and enjoyment of the treatment is the starting point for offering add-on sales, home-care recommendations and pre-booking of subsequent visits. Because treatment rooms are secluded, private and hands-off to management during a spa service, this is also the space that is the most difficult to manage.

Room ergonomics and design

With the acknowledgement that a treatment room need not be overly spacious, opulent or costly, there are some parameters that should be implemented in its design. Adhering to the cardinal rule of maintaining contact with each client, creating a treatment space that it cozy, yet not confined, is crucial. Furthermore, creating a space for the skin care professional that is workable is a key consideration. Therefore, staging the facial implements within reach of the treatment area along with easy-to-use dispensers for back bar products makes the task of creating a flow between steps seamless. Furthermore, listening to commentary by VIP clients or mystery shoppers is useful in determining how each treatment room feels. Read full story.

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