Leadership at the Spa

03 Feb

Leadership in the Spa

Leadership styles primarily take two different forms. The first type need to be the smartest in the room. They horde intelligence and withhold information.  Delegation for this group is given when there is a difficult task ahead and the point woman needs reasonable assistance to reach valiance. Even when these tasks are flanked with talented leaders often the chieftain of the company sabotages their success.  No one should outshine the controlling leader.  Only he/she knows how to execute from the type of toilet paper in the Lou, to the dress code on “casual Fridays.”  In this paradigm no one wins except the competition, who are steadily fed your best and brightest talent.

How do you shift gears from this toxic grip on your innovative business model?  The answer is swift, clean and to the point:  Utilize an HR Manual that is clean, black and white, easily managed and easily communicated.  We have such a resource and it comes with coaching and an audit of your organization’s financials.  We will extract more savings than you will ever pay for our services.  Please contact us for complementary assessment.

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