Selling Retail at the Spa

16 Feb

Selling RetailEverybody in your salon or spa should be accountable for selling retail.  Well, we will let the cleaning service off the hook.  According to The Spa Association (SPAA) industry standards report the average spa/salon has a $45 service ticket and a $9.25 retail ticket.  This is a dreary picture of retail sales could certainly stand some improvement.  In fact, many would say that retail sales should be dollar for dollar with service sales.

That would mean that a $100 facial would merit a $100 retail sale.  If you think about it $65 for an eye cream and $35 for a facial cleanser totals $100.  That is a sale of only two products.  Dollar for dollar retail selling is not overly stringent or unimaginable.

The problem is, estheticians think that the act of selling products is a dirty, unnatural offense similar to selling used cars or fencing stolen watches in a dark back alley.  Massage therapists seem to equate selling retail to theft or bodily assault.  Many massage therapists are simply unwilling to even ponder the notion of selling retail.  In reality technicians who do not understand the need to equip their clients with home care are without the business savvy and systems necessary to increase and track their sales.  So how do you motivate your staff to sell retail?  There are a variety of systems and techniques to get your retail sales out of the gutter. Read whole story.

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