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07 Oct

Our gut is where roughly 70-80% of our immunity is. If you have a well-functioning digestion system, your overall health is probably better than the majority of the population, meaning that overall inflammation is likely to be much lower in those without gut issues. That old adage that we become what we eat, could never be […]

Injectables for Earlobes…

14 Aug

It’s everywhere…the plump, the injectables, the add on’s…just don’t quit!  The latest trend is to plump up the earlobe.  All of those beautiful earrings take their toll, leading to sag.  The Restylane gives the lobe a plump, which repositions where the earring sits.  Another trend?  Painting the outer rim of the ear to accentuate the […]

SPAA Publishes 2014 Spa Industry Trends Report

12 Jan

The Spa Association (SPAA) has published its 2014 Spa Industry Trends Report.  The report captures the global spa and wellness trends offering insight to hospitality, wellness, spa beauty and travel firms that focus on the spa-goer demographic. Melinda Minton, Executive Director of SPAA comments, “The spa dynamic is spilling over into complementary areas like fitness […]

The Art of Diffusing the Unhappy Customer

11 Dec

Inevitably, a service failure causes negative feelings in your customer. Needs and expectations have not been met; disappointment and frustration are natural reactions. Before reaching a reasonable agreement, negative emotions must be aired, acknowledged, and accepted. Shaping the customer’s emotions into positive ones is an art, involving emotional intelligence and responsiveness.  Read full story

Raising the Standards of Customer Care

22 Nov

Putting forth the time and effort to create a culture of service will greatly increase the whole perspective of your business.  It can increase profit and promote more positive emotions for employees and customers.  However, it must start at the top, if the owners and managers are not dedicated to providing a service culture, it […]

Melinda Minton Featured on Biz Talk

03 Dec

Melinda Minton, Executive Director of The Spa Association (SPAA), will be featured on the Biz Talk with Dr. Ande show. Log into the show to talk live or post questions for the host and Ms. Minton. The show will air live on December 5, 2012 from 9:00-9:25 a.m. PST. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dranderadioshow/2012/12/05/dr-ande-radio-career-business-wednesday