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Customer Service

26 Mar

  I constantly ponder business and customer service. I watch new stores come and go. I observe how long it takes for my meal to be served at restaurants and then how hot, tasty, healthy and well-presented the food is. Some companies, methods and concepts blow me away. For instance a hot towel service on […]

Leadership at the Spa

03 Feb

Leadership styles primarily take two different forms. The first type need to be the smartest in the room. They horde intelligence and withhold information.  Delegation for this group is given when there is a difficult task ahead and the point woman needs reasonable assistance to reach valiance. Even when these tasks are flanked with talented […]

Your Customer is Your Service Partner

06 Mar

Too often, it is easy to view customers as hassles, painful necessities to continued operation. The truth of the matter is that customers are partners with you in your business efforts. They should be treated with the attention, respect, and courtesy they expect and deserve. Read full story

Maintaining Brand Relevance

21 Feb

Would you put money into sending the message to prospective spa customers that your spa is the only spa in town with pink toilets? Of course not. Well you might, but it won’t get you terribly far. You must differentiate your spa logically, highlighting differences that are important to your customers that connect with their needs and […]

Negotiation at the Spa

23 Dec

No matter what you are negotiating learning how to do so with skill is imperative.  Spa owners and directors routinely negotiate a number of things from contracts with employees to leases and licensing agreements. The artful skill of negotiation includes various components. Read full story  

The Art of Diffusing the Unhappy Customer

11 Dec

Inevitably, a service failure causes negative feelings in your customer. Needs and expectations have not been met; disappointment and frustration are natural reactions. Before reaching a reasonable agreement, negative emotions must be aired, acknowledged, and accepted. Shaping the customer’s emotions into positive ones is an art, involving emotional intelligence and responsiveness.  Read full story


02 Dec

Death to the common, the average, the standard! As the spa industry evolves more and more consumers will want the impossible. They will want to go to a spa for an hour, at a competitive rate and expect to be transformed into (some personal goal here) and feel better than ever immediately. The good news…?  […]

Re-thinking the Hotel Spa

12 Oct

Hotels are still trying to turn-key their spas. This trend will continue as more and more brands buy into proven spa brands like Bliss and The Golden Door expecting that they have finally thrown money in the right direction easing the spa nuisance. Is this strategy working? Many would say no.  Full story

Operations…Hold the Agony.

29 Aug

Efficiency, management, operations….  What do these words mean to you?  In this saturated climate of spa management these words become stale. They are just words. Moreover, you may be able to manage it, measure it, control it and operate it very well one day but not the next. The art of management is truly a […]